Places to Visit

Vienna in 3 days

Since collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918, one of the largest powers in Europe in the beginning of 20th century, Vienna lost its political … [Continue Reading]

Paris in 3 days

Make no mistake - doing Paris in 3 days is mission impossible. Still if three days is what you have, make the most of it. Day 1. Musée d'Orsay, … [Continue Reading]

Haifa in One Day

There is nothing to do in Haifa longer than one day. For all their immaculate gardening the famous Bahai Gardens are outright boring. So much for … [Continue Reading]

Bahai Gardens, Haifa

Photo of the Day

Hecht Museum, Haifa, Israel

Painted Ladies, San Francisco

The famous San Francisco Painted Ladies. (One of the houses is from the 90s sitcom Full House). It’s practically an American pilgrimage destination.

Swiss Guard, Vatican

Octoberfest, Munich, Germany

Nelson Mandela Monument, London